slightestwind said this: also needs moar fics where kurt’s in the middle of talking when blaine starts kissing his neck and then -bzzzt- goes kurt’s brain

so this is basically five different times blaine does just that uwu 


They really should be rehearsing their duet. They’ve made sure they got most of the harmonies down and really, there isn’t much choreography, but there are still things to do. 

But they’re kissing. 

It’s still just those shy little kisses. They haven’t been kissing for more than a few days now. Some of them start to grow more heated, but one of them usually breaks it off, feeling a little too hot to continue. In between practicing the song, they always return to each other’s lips. 

"Okay," says Kurt, a little breathless. He holds Blaine’s hands casually. "We really should practice."

"That’s what you always say," teases Blaine. 

"I don’t want to make it look like we threw this together in a few days," says Kurt. "It works for New Directions, yes, but I don’t want the same MO as them." 

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hrhchriscolfer: #TBT My callback for Godzilla.

hrhchriscolfer: #TBT My callback for Godzilla.

5.20 Extended Summary + Credits


OVERVIEW: Glee - 05 - Untitled Rachel Berry Project, The (13-May-2014)


AIR DATE:  13-May-2014 (T) 

RUNNING TIME:  60 Minutes 

CONCEPT:  A quirky Hollywood screenwriter begins to work on ideas for a series based on Rachel’s life, but her hip vision for the script leaves Rachel and the gang feeling nonplussed. On the verge of spending several months apart, Mercedes and Sam make a decision about their relationship. As Blaine prepares to perform in his showcase, he is faced with a tough decision.

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This made me laugh SO HARD (because Elliot’s face was all “WTF why are you showing up at my apartment to rant about Facebook?”). But this is SO BLAINE. Such a politely passive-aggressive thing to do, to just wait for Elliot to make the Facebook move, and he’s SO PISSED about it. Like it’s symptomatic of everything that (he fears) is wrong.

Bless you, you insecure melodramatic dapper cupcake. I adore you.


I’m going to NY as some of you already know for the next 10 days, and I won’t be on Tumblr so much. I will bring my computer with me and the house I’ll be staying has a wifi, but I really don’t plan on staying in the house much.

I still don’t know when and how I’ll be able to watch 5x18, and I plan on avoiding Tumblr until I can watch the episode after Tuesday.

So have fun without me, I know I will in freaking NEW YORK!




There’s nothing about this that doesn’t have me rolling around on the floor with delight.

Rachel is pitching herself to Fox. 

The end of Season 6 is she walks by a poster of her and her friends for a show called Glee and then like, the entire universe implodes on itself and next season they wake up inside the Matrix.

ha ha hahaha ahahahaa!

Jane: And can I just say, she was perfect from rehearsal on. She knew every word.
Darren: Oh, yeah. Well, that’s Lea. She’s just awesome.
Jane: Yes, indeed she is.

5x18 Back-up Plan Stills



So here is what I’m getting from the spoilers/ep description for finale (based on what’s available and subject to change):

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So… Drama, Blaine getting a taste of success but with a price, Kurt coping by finding his place in Neverland, big decisions, and an wildly romantic song that speaks of dedication and love through all weather and every hurdle?