Okay, I’ve been waiting for this gifset. I am high on pain meds and I have about ten million feelings to talk about in this episode, but I want to point to the bottom left gif. See that second? That’s not just anger. That’s a nano second of sadness , or something like that. That at the end? That looks like “I don’t get it.”

yeah he’s pissed at the top. And he’s competitive. And there’s something under the whole thing they both feel coming to a head here. But I want to say, Kudos to Chris because he can act the shit out of the bat of an eyelash AND yes, these boys are complicated and I feel like there’s a lot of reductive talk on tumblr right now about how they behaved. It’s possible to feel a lot of things at once and it’s imperative that we have empathy and applause for complicated, fucked up, wonderful characters who love each other and have a lot to learn.

I should probably not rant when high. Especially when I’m not really explaining all my episode feels.

This is a lovely study of this gif set and scene. Yes, this captures wonderfully both Kurt’s complex feelings in this scene and Chris’ amazing acting abilities.


here have klaine neck kisses

I’m just so scared that you’re gonna keep changing, and you’re gonna keep getting stronger. And then one day you’re gonna wake up and you’re gonna realize that “I don’t love him anymore”. 


Okay. I am tired of seeing wank about this line on my dash because the quietly brilliant supahero76 pointed this out to me today and I think she is TOTALLY right…

Kurt’s line: You know, Blaine, sometimes I think we talk too much

Is about SEX. Kurt was irritated about the porn in a context of feeling badly about Blaine not wanting to HAVE SEX with him.

Blaine, I think we TALK too much is saying  - We TALK too much, and PLAY too little…

Really, I think it is that simple.



Anonymous asked: "Just saw on Entertainment Tonight that Darren is going to be in A Great Big World's music video Already Home. Which is to be release Monday. Hoping you have more info on this. ET said pics were on their website but I could find it. Thanks for all you do!! ~Toni"


Yay the news is finally out! He filmed it on April 5th & 6th.

And no the pics are not there yet, I’ll keep an eye for them. Thank you :)



I love how Elliott just patiently waits for Blaine to finish his little tirade then calmly gets to work letting Blaine know what’s what.

It’s amazing how Elliott handles every one of these overdramatic people who’ve been in his life since he joined the band - Kurt, Rachel, Santana and now Blaine. He makes such a great contrast to their insanity. 

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Glee Crack Vol.6

OMG this one is hilarious!!!!


These are always good